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Ales Bask Hostomsky, or just BASK, is a local superstar whose talents and works have continued to grow and impress.

Czech born, American artist, BASK never disappoints his many loyal fans, keeping them up to date on his facebook page. As a young child, Bask fleed communist Czechoslovakia with his family for brighter days under the hot Florida sun. He has always been interested in graffiti or street art, and is now a proflic artist shown in galleries and on city walls of Detroit, Brooklyn, and St. Pete. Below is his amazing mural, from the Spring 2014, located at the south side of the 600 Block, Central Avenue.

2014 03-30 BASK mural downtown st pete florida 600 block
Foolish Pride Tattoo Shop – 648 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701


This painting below was for an art show at historic wedding and event venue, NOVA 535, back in 2007. He and the Vitale Brothers, other St. Pete local superstar muralists and artists, were kind enough to bring the hip art crowd to Nova parties, this one dubbed Alter-Ego. These parties were an amazing mix of art, fashion, music, drinking and WOW were they EPIC!

2007 bask_alter-ego_art_show_nova_535_stpete_florida

When Bask was commissioned to work on Ironman 3, this comic book nerd’s dreams were starting to be realized.  “In the back of my head, I’m just thinking they want some graffiti,” Bask says. “Finally, the email I get from her is like, ‘Hey, the movie I’m working on is Iron Man 3, and Robert Downey, Jr. wants your work in the movie. I started tripping over myself to get to the phone,” he says. Having endorsement from Robert Downey, Jr. gave him creative license, which is refreshing for any artist. “Nobody ever edited me, nobody said no. They just wound me up and let me go. Later I found out it was because of [Robert Downey, Jr.’s] endorsement,” Bask says.

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