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Chad Mize is a designer and multimedia artist in St. Petersburg

and former gallery owner of Bluelucy where he represented hundreds of artists and their work. Behind Bluelucy, you’ll find one of Chad Mize’s murals of a ’60s pop icon, starry eyed Twiggy.

2014 Chad Mize Blue Luck Studios Mural downtown St Pete

653 Central Ave. (Alley), St Petersburg, Fl.

Chad Mize was one of the artists participating in the SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival, and on the organizing committee, where a dozen or so artists covered city walls with beautiful murals. “It’s like an outside 24-hour gallery,” said Mize. There is a difference between a painting and a public work of art, and he explains, “I feel like those are the memories, and that becomes art in itself. Public art becomes a backdrop whereas a painting just sits in someone’s home or a gallery.”

1100 1st Ave N, St Petersburg, Fl.

1100 1st Ave N, St Petersburg, Fl.

He is also working with St. Pete Threads creating t-shirt designs, and has always been fascinated with how the message on a shirt can move people. “Growing up, I always loved getting a band t-shirt when I went to a concert,” he says. “You can make a statement. It’s something that I’ve always been drawn to.”

Chizzy Mural Locations:

653 Central Ave. (Alley)
St Petersburg, Fl.

1100 1st Ave N
St Peterburg, Fl.

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