Tatiana Suarez

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Tatiana Suarez is a Miami based artist. She is known for her pop surrealist style and ethereal feminine characters. In 2005, she received her BFA in Illustration and Design from the University of Miami. Her mural work is on public walls in Hawaii, Mexico, Sweden, Okinawa, and many other places worldwide. In addition, she has collabs with brands like L’Oreal Jansport, Secret Deodorant, Becks and Reebok. Her work is in US galleries, including Spoke Art in San Francisco and Los Angeles’ Corey Helford Gallery.

Tatiana says, “My work depicts powerful, uninhibited female subjects whose milky-eyed gazes reveal the manifold facets of the feminine psyche. Executed with a studied sensitivity for flesh, flora and fauna, my brushstrokes emote with warmth, drawing inspiration from my native Brazilian and El Salvadorian lexicon. I adorn my seductive characters with creatures and symbols from dreams, folklore, myth, film and music, often housed in gestural atmospheres of color and texture. Nymphs, goddesses, witches and wanderers, these purveyors of the femme spirit explore the ethereal pathways of my imagination along with the viewer. My work lends a sensitive, verdant voice to the feminine archetype in the contemporary landscape.”

Tatiana’s method for large-scale outdoor murals demands careful planning of composition and color. She includes techniques designed for working within tight deadlines in the public eye, for instance creating drawings and a grid for mock ups. Tatiana’s SHINE mural topic is manatees and mangroves, and sponsored by Ocean Conservancy. Her SHINE mural is embedded with information via the Pixelstix app, accessible through smart devices.

250 2nd Ave SE
Sailing Center
St Petersburg, Fl

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