Mason Schwacke

by / Monday, 01 March 2021 / Published in Artists

Mason Schwacke is a St Pete based artist. He specializes in using fun colors and creating imaginative characters. His illustrative designs are well known in the local area. In addition, his work is in many galleries, public streets, and art shows in the Tampa Bay area.

Schwacke said he worked on the “sand” at the bottom of the SHINE mural for most of a day. In other words, creating the degrees of tan and colored tones of the sand by using a painstaking method called stippling takes a long time. “It’s really, really monotonous,” he explained, “but it looks really good after everything is done. It gives it more motion and depth.”

Mason Schwacke’s mural is on the topic of species at risk, and is sponsored by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association (NOAA). The hammerhead, stingray, white-tip shark and the sawfish – all featured in the Schwacke mural – are classified as species at risk. His SHINE mural is embedded with information via the Pixelstix app, accessible through smart devices.

1400 3RD ST S
Saint Petersburg, Fl

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