Tes One

by / Tuesday, 12 August 2014 / Published in Artists

Tes One aka Leon Bedore is an incredibly talented artist.

Tes One is fearless in his style, and became a serious street artist painting murals in 1992. “I look at myself as a mad scientist when in the studio, because I’m constantly messing with textures and paints — making mistakes and learning from them. Who knows what the work will look like in 20 years?”

Combining street art techniques with digital art design gives his work rawness that somehow seems polished, also merging the metaphorical with symbolism. “Something that took me a while to identify, even after I had been creating for years, is I like to take what’s on the inside and reveal it on the outside,” he says. The contrasts in a single image don’t stop there. His conceptual paintings build from the foundation, while incorporating movement and energy in a way that stirs emotions and that feeling stays with you long after viewing.

Longtime friends, Tes One and Bask combined their talents for many commissions. Here’s what Tes One has to say about it, “We want the work to speak for itself,” he says, “Some of the local reactions already have provided interesting perspectives thematically ranging from corporate greed to oppression and gentrification. It’s been great to hear what others see in it.”

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You can also find more about his work here:

Tes One and Pale Horse Design St Pete Florida Mural
The State Theatre – 687 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL 33701


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