Geary “Rasta” Taylor

by / Wednesday, 13 August 2014 / Published in Artists

Geary “Rasta” Taylor, of 1 of 1 Customs, offers the charm and welcoming attitude you’d expect from a name like Rasta.

He also offers the world his continuous stream of creative talent and his serious work ethic, so much of which is directed at helping others. Rasta started selling his neighbors sketches of their houses when he was 5 years old, and his parents signed him up for art classes. He literally paints everything. You can find custom painted shoes, skateboards, trucks, hats, chairs, and the list just keeps going. There are no limits for someone they say will put “paint where it ain’t.” He is regularly commissioned to custom paint shoes, when asked which of his 800+ pairs of shoes was the most memorable to him, he said, “Of course, the Dali boots, and the black Nike Air Force “Bright Lights, Big City.” That was a shoe that was sold on E-bay and later copied by counterfeiters. What’s really funny, is I always say after every shoe I paint, ‘this is the best shoe I’ve ever done’.”

Rasta puts a lot of thought into each commission to make sure his clients are happy with the finished product. “I sometimes spend up to 10 hours on a day off just doing research. There’s alot more to painting and designing a shoe than most people think. I really enjoy the research and studying part of the process, it all pays off in the end. Because I feel like I am giving each customer something that no one else is going to have.”

Check out one of Rasta’s awesome murals:
Avid Brewing and Growing Supplies
1745 1st Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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