Josh Stover & Jeffrey Sincich

by / Friday, 12 September 2014 / Published in Artists
Josh Stover

Josh Stover and Jeffrey Sincich are Pinellas county natives

who developed a friendship over common interests as ceramic majors at the University of Florida. “We just became good friends and influenced each other and gave each other good ideas in the studio,” Josh Stover said. This led them to partner in the business of creating expertly hand painted signs using traditional methods, and thus J & S Signs was opened.

The pair also work on murals together, and have several displayed on various buildings in DTSP. They reinvigorate the energy of forgotten places with bright and cheery imagery that is combined with vintage typography giving neglected walls a face lift that reminds people there are businesses within the walls who want their patronage. The paintings resonate with folks, “That’s why we like public art,” Sincich said. “It’s relatable, and anyone can interact with it. It’s not just people who go to galleries.”

310 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL.

You can see more of Josh Stover’s work at

And, for more on Jeffrey Sincich’s work, check out

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