Blaine Whitford

by / Sunday, 14 September 2014 / Published in Artists
Blaine Whitford

Blaine Whitford began drawing early in life, and started painting murals here in St. Pete in 2000.

Blaine Whitford says, “Always the kid who could draw, I have spent a lifetime in art in all stages. From copying the comics at age five to 60’ murals on commercial businesses, the art in my life just gets bigger and more dimensional!”

Her murals are in local residences and businesses, and she also works to develop eye-catching graphics to help get customers attention for her commercial projects. Whitford paints everything from walls to furniture to rain barrels, while bringing life into empty spaces. Blaine’s acrylic paintings are sold on canvas in the US and Canada, and can also be seen at the Dazzio Art Experience Gallery, Saint Petersburg, FL.

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