Damir Tabakovic aka (AKUT)

by / Sunday, 14 September 2014 / Published in Artists
Damir Tabakovic

Contemporary abstract artist, Damir Tabakovic (aka AKuT), was born in Bosnia. His first canvas was the wall behind the couch in his childhood home.

Damir Tabakovic started drawing elephants and bicycles with the box of crayons his mother gave him. He continued developing and refining his style. Today, he is able to expertly weaves his experience of growing up in the war torn country into his work. AKuT’s use of vivid coloring also helps bring the light back into dark places, and his freestyle approach to painting gives even more of an amazing amount of depth to his work.

When you look at Damir Tabakovic’s murals in the Warehouse District in DTSP, they make you stop and take a moment to figure out what is really happening. On the surface, you see the first layers. As a result, you continue to analyze the imagery and the figures begin to take shape where the colors clash. This allows you to see more detail, and grasp how the whole is much more than the sum of it’s parts. “It’s like a puzzle that I keep solving and solving and solving,” he said, and that really comes through in his work.

“Some people come out of being in a war traumatized, but he’s come out even stronger,” said his wife, Amy, 34. It’s
made him invincible. If he’s lived through that, nothing can be as bad as what he’s gone through.” We are all grateful that he decided to work in this area. Tabakovic’s works are scattered around downtown St.Pete, mostly in the warehouse district. He is truly a fantastic artist who brings a worldly perspective to the St. Pete art scene.

719 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Check out Damir’s Facebook page for updates on recent work.

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