Jennifer Kosharek

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Jennifer Kosharek

Jennifer Kosharek began creating art as a child. She is a painter, doll maker, quilt maker, illustrator, and also a spray paint muralist.

Jennifer Kosharek created Gretchen, who is a whimsical character seen worldwide, and her dolls and art are collected internationally. “I call my character, “Gretchen.”  I see her as a type of Vivian Girl who fights for the lives and rights of children and women.  I’m not sure if any of my messages ever come through to my art.  But there are messages for those who can see them.”

1001 1st Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL

1001 1st Ave North, St. Petersburg, FL

Her work can also be found in many collections including the Modern Art Museums of New York, Brazil and Wales. One of her murals is a most noteworthy homage to Frida Kahlo de Rivera, a Mexican painter who is best known for her self-portraits. Another two are playful Gretchen pieces. Kosharek quickly became enamored with creating street art, as she puts it, “When Christian Thomas and I painted my Gretchen and Spoonman mural, it was the first mural on that end of the block and my first spray paint mural ever.  The spray paint was addicting. In one night you can cover a sizable wall with a mural–so fast, so flowing, so many beautiful lines that can be made with a fat cap.”

Kosharek was also the owner and operator of the eve-N-odd gallery for three years, hosting over 30 shows that spanned from local to international artists… from fluxus to mail art, visual poetry, outsider art and folk art.
1001 1st Ave North
St. Petersburg, Fl.

649 Central Ave. (Alley), St Petersburg, Fl.

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