Celebrate SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival 2015

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SHINE St. Pete Mural Fest Amsterdam Wall

Celebrate SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival, here in beautiful Downtown St. Pete aka #DTSP for it’s inaugural year this September 1st to 12th 2015.

According to the SHINE website, “With a rich art history, St. Petersburg’s notable art residents have helped the city and the art community embrace the blossoming street art movement. Now, in conjunction with the City of St. Petersburg and the St. Pete Arts Alliance, the SHINE Mural Festival will put a spotlight on the power of art in public spaces and St. Petersburg as an international arts destination.”




Also “SHINE is a not-for-profit mural art project made up of local artists and members of the community initiated and managed by Tes One & Shared Vision Marketing“. Tes One, aka Leon Bedore, is the driving force behind SHINE, and with the help of marking geniuses Michelle Tannu and Chris Parks, of Shared Vision Marketing, they’ve done an incredible job. BRAVO!! Yes there’s been bumps and bruises along the way, it’s a start-up for goodness sakes, yet everything has come out 5 Star, First Class.

The website and marketing materials, are slick, compelling and gorgeous.


The chosen artists are all amazing, truly some of the best muralists aka street artists alive today. Go out for yourself here downtown St. Pete and see the brand new works by these world-class muralists!!




Vitale Bros. Shine St. Pete Mural Fest 2015

Vitale Bros. Shine St. Pete Mural Fest 2015

Donations for SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival go directly to the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, a 501(c)(3), run by the always delightful, uber-professional and make-magic-happen, Mr. John Collins. John has been extraordinary in what he’s managed to do, “gently herding” our steering committee towards success, which officially began working on SHINE back in 2014. Paul Johannesson has been busting his rump securing $$ and in-kind donations.

The entire team deserves a standing ovation, for all the the countless hours and extra efforts they’ve put into creating something truly world-class: our own, unique festival right here in downtown St. Petersburg, celebrating the best graffiti / street art / murals being created today.

SHINE St. Pete Mural Fest Amsterdam Wall

DIRECTOR   Leon Bedore (Tes One)
Marketing / Operations   Shared Vision Marketing
Community Relations    Wayne Atherholt / Diane Shelly / Kristina Alspaw / Darden Rice / Kathryn Howd
Sponsorship   John Collins / Paul Johannesson / Stacia Schrader
Event Coordination   SubAp / Anna Serena
Community Outreach   Mitzi Gordon / Aldo Fonticiella
Creative Consultants   Chris Parks (Palehorse) / Chad Mize / Ales Bask Hostomsky / Casey Paquet / Nick Kekllas / Amanda Cooper

So please go out and explore, enjoy and be amazed here in beautiful downtown St. Petersburg, Florida as more of our walls come to life!


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