HD Interactive presents SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival 360

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HD Interactive

Local powerhouse software developers HD Interactive, led by Sean Carey and Kevin Hohl, created this amazing INTERACTIVE video (controller is on top left of the screen) of the inaugural 2015 SHINE St. Petersburg Florida Mural Festival.

SHINE Mural Fest was a huge success, both financially, socially and also artistically, so BRAVO to Team SHINE and to all the thousands of supporters as well as the tens of thousands of attendees. SHINE is certainly included in the best of what Downtown St. Pete has to offer.

HD Interactive presents SHINE St. Pete Mural Festival 360


Furthermore, we love the most talented team and the results they produce over at HD Interactive, while this video is just an appetizer level sampling of their extremely talented development team’s potential. Thanks Kevin Hohl and Team HD Interactive for your love of our amazing city St. Petersburg, Florida.

HD Interactive Gorilla ad

The incredible lineup of SHINE Artists for the 2015 Mural Festival included:




SHINE is a not-for-profit mural art project made up of local artists as well as members of the community
initiated and managed by Tes One & Shared Vision Marketing

DIRECTOR: Leon Bedore (Tes One)
Marketing / Operations: Shared Vision Marketing
Community Relations: Wayne Atherholt / Diane Shelly / Kristina Alspaw / Darden Rice / Kathryn Howd
Sponsorship: John Collins / Paul Johannesson / Stacia Schrader
Event Coordination; SubAp / Anna Serena
Community Outreach; Mitzi Gordon / Aldo Fonticiella
Creative Consultants: Chris Parks (Palehorse) / Chad Mize / Ales Bask Hostomsky / Casey Paquet / Nick Kekllas / JoAmanda Cooper

Above all, SHINE Mural Festival would have never happened without the endless assistance, skills, mentoring and also the steadfastness of John Collins, Executive Director of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, so John, hats off to you! The St. Pete Arts Alliance is at 100 2nd Ave. N., Suite 150 St. Petersburg, FL 33701  727.518.5142  Finally, let’s get ready for St. Pete to SHINE again in 2016!

St. Petersburg Arts Alliance


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