Curtis Sneary

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Curtis Sneary

Curtis Sneary “painterly realism” style, as it has been described, has won him many awards

in both painting and graphic artwork. Curtis Sneary was born in Columbus, Ohio, graduated from The Columbus College Of Art And Design. He is currently living in St. Pete.

“I like to explore conflicts between humanity vs. mechanization and isolation, and how we as Americans commodify ourselves, others and nature. I also explore and challenge visual variations within a painting. Often humor comes out in these visual plays.”, says Curtis. “Yet, I’m not one to pigeonhole myself. I paint what interests me what is around me. Artists are visual interpreters.”

Sneary worked in advertising, fine arts, newspaper and corporate design for 23 years. His work can be seen in various locations spanning the US and Europe. Sneary said, “Painting is a powerful tool to communicate with, a never ending exploration of color, form and space.”

34th St N & 8th Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Curtis Sneary


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