Jared “Thirst” Hernandez

by / Monday, 25 July 2016 / Published in Artists
Jared "Thirst" Hernandez

Jared “Thirst” Hernandez has a few murals around town, working with various other artists to make Downtown St. Pete streets vibrant and inviting.

He has collaborated with the best in the city including, Sebastian Coolidge, Rasta, Jeffrey Sincich, Josh Stover, and others. Hernandez was involved in some of the first murals in the St. Pete area, and since then the mural scene in DTSP has exploded with color that brightens even the darkest alleys. His love of comic books and action figures comes through in his work, giving it colorful depth and surreal qualities.

For more about Jared:

19th Street and 2nd Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, Fl.

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