Morning Breath Inc.

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Morning Breath

Morning Breath Inc. is a New York based design powerhouse that has worked with brands like Nike, Beat by Dre, Adidas, to name a few. Jason Noto and Doug Cunningham make a great team, and have also won a Grammy nomination for packaging design.

Morning Breath Inc. designs can be found on posters, skateboards, shirts, album covers, and the list keeps going. This prolific duo formalized their partnership in Brooklyn, NY, with the creation of Morning Breath, Inc. in 2002, and have been growing ever since. “Having a studio for us was something we would often dream about in our earlier years. It seemed like this big idea of “making it”. I guess it turned out to be part of the reality as you move forward with what it is you do.”, Noto said.

They published their own book in 2006 called, “The Early Bird – The Art and Design of Morning Breath”, and have had their work published in various design books and magazines. You can buy their book on Amazon, just follow the link:

2042 Central Ave
St Petersburg, Fl

250 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL


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