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Evoca1 is a Miami based artist, figurative painter, and muralist brings vivid imagery speaking to the experiences of his youth in the Dominican Republic. “I always use influences from my childhood, things that happened. They are very personal.”

Evoca1’s mural in Downtown St. Pete depicts a little girl sitting with her Doberman. Simply stated but the more you
look at it, the harder it is pull away. You start to notice details to the artist’s message. He describes his work as, “Too young to fly, too soft to be wild. Ma ‘works too much, Pa’ tries so hard, while we just try to survive through the perils of our youth.”

He works to give back to the community bringing awareness to important issues on the local and global scale. He has
started a program to help the homeless, Sketches For Mankind. Evoca1 says, “With Sketches For Mankind we give food a hundred homeless every month. And then I try to use my art to promote a little of what is happening in Miami with that, we have a ton of homeless. And that’s, well, a global problem.”

1246 Central Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33701



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