Shark Toof

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Shark Toof

Los Angeles based graffiti artist, Shark Toof, is known for this iconic imagery of sharks. His gallery exhibits and large scale murals are displayed nationwide.

Shark Toof embodies the techniques of an old master along with a keen eye for the right wall. The rich imagery that is recognizably Shark Toof is known for his multi faceted forms. Furthermore, he brings iconography of the advertising world together with rather comic style. High-profile commercials also feature his murals, most notably for Apple and Samsung.

His fine art paintings brilliantly use composition, shapes and color to shine light on questions about our world, and also ourselves. Shark Toof’s layers expressive strokes and contrasting colors bringing the viewer closer to appreciate the image even more while they trace the details with their eyes. His goal is to show “strength, optimism and possibility to the viewer”. If you ever get the pleasure of viewing his artwork, you can certainly feel the sentiment he conveys in the layers of each painting.

687 Central Ave
St Petersburg, FL 33701

Shark Toof


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