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Hitnes has traveled the world for his art, after establishing himself as a street artist by 1996. He has done some really cool projects like The Image Hunter where he was retracing Audubon’s adventures from Florida to Pennsylvania.

Along the way Hitnes was also creating large scale paintings of bird species recorded by Audubon. “I will go into the forests and look for birds, exactly like Audubon did,” says Hitnes. “Of course, I won’t shoot these birds—times have changed—but the lenses of my camera will be a useful ‘rifle’ to catch the birds.”

Born in 1982 into a family of scientists, Hitnes uses his exposure to nature and biology frequently in his work. “From cave paintings to scientific illustrations, from the art of Paracas to Ernst Haeckel, from Inuit masks to Rembrandt,” he says is where is inspiration comes from for his artwork. His artwork can be found worldwide from the US to Europe to Australia and China.

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