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Apexer, aka Ricardo Richey, is part of the Gestalt Collective that creates collaborative murals in San Francisco.

His work has been shown extensively both in the San Francisco Bay Area, St. Pete and abroad. As a child, he began doodling and refined his art. Apexer foundation in calligraphy and graffiti combine to create amazingly colorful and complex patterns. He says, “I’m a San Francisco native that loves Art. I balance my life with Painting public Art and with a studio practice focused on Canvas’s and Sculpture.”

“I’m very fortunate that my life journey purpose has put me on this path that allows really amazing people to spread their knowledge to me so I can hold it, you know,” said Apexer. “Be a filter and give it back to people.” He finds inspiration in architecture and nature, which can be seen in the way he weaves the organic elements with structural patterns. “If I’m painting from my imagination, I’m representing everybody,” said Apexer. “I’m not representing one person. Or one race.”

965 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33705


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