Dasic Fernandez

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Dasic Fernandez

Chilean artist, Dasic Fernandez, began by painting the streets of his hometown, Rancagua, with graffiti and ended up in New York City.

He is on the who’s who of graffiti artists, and internationally recognized as one of the “Street Artists You Should Know”. Bold and vivid coloring make the beautiful forms that Dasic paints really pop. Dasic studied architecture at the University of Chile in Santiago, exploring the impact that art can have in urban areas. He left the university in his fourth year to experience the world through art, “I became more in love with painting on the street than with being in class”. He loves to connect with the public through his street art, and understands the deep impact that it can make. He says, “painting on the street carries great responsibility—both artistic and social.” His designs can be found in cities like Miami, New York and Detroit.

Dasic draws inspiration from artists like Roberto Mattan, Vincent Van Gogh, and Wassily Kandinsky. He says his favorite work environment is, “The streets. That’s where I feel most comfortable. It is my natural environment. I love connecting with people while I’m painting outside. It makes me happy.” Dasic finds unlimited inspiration for his creations from hip hop, and loves being commissioned with a brand new blank wall.

1720 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

Dasic Fernandez

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