Joram Roukes

by / Sunday, 15 October 2017 / Published in Artists

Joram Roukes is a fine artist from the Netherlands. He is internationally recognized for his perspectives on today’s culture and his collage-like art. Joram is masterful at creating narratives with colorful impressionistic imagery. The images Joram uses to illustrate his message are eye grabbing, and make you think about what he is trying to translate with his art. It is easy to get caught up in thought while viewing Joram’s work, and you will thank yourself for that time spent contemplating today’s world. He is represented by Thinkspace Gallery in California, Galleri Benoni in Denmark and London’s StolenSpace Gallery.

He says, “My strength as well as my weakness I think is being able to paint well. As it is tempting to opt for this medium anytime I’m creating something, even when sometimes a different medium or technique or discipline may be more suitable to work out ideas. This was the case during my education as well as I was practicing graffiti prior to that. Doing graffiti, you kind of teach yourself aesthetic ways that are awfully difficult to get rid of. I struggled with this at first because I thought I didn’t need to let go of this even though teachers wanted me to be more of a ‘tabula rasa’. It took a while for me to realize it is very valuable to open up and experiment.”

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