Sam Yong

by / Wednesday, 01 November 2017 / Published in Artists

Sam Yong is a self-taught illustrator and artist from New Zealand, who is now based in Melbourne. Yong is known for his pencil and colored pencil drawings, and has been recently exploring painting with oils. “Painting for me is a cathartic experience and an intrinsic part of being able to express how I’m feeling or experiencing the world. This latest body is a personal journey, delving into the emotional aftermath of fleeting moments of different memories. For me, painting is release, therapy, expression and also reflection.” said Yong of his process. “I hope the audience find their own form of catharsis through my work”.

Sam Yong commercial clients include Billabong New Zealand, Rock en Seine Festival, Lorde and I Love Ugly, to name a few. His delicate line work lends to intricate details in his illustrations of fauna and flora, where he weaves images of the complex relationships in nature exposing cause and effect. Yong has a knack for showing human elements through his artistic study of morality and how it is all affected by the cycle of life: birth, courtship, mating, death and grief.

Grayspeed Cycles
2060 1st Ave S
St. Pete, Fl 33712

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