Justin Wagher

by / Tuesday, 14 November 2017 / Published in Artists

Justin Wagher is St. Pete’s youngest wall muralist, with eight murals already that can be seen all around St. Pete. This 17 year old senior at Gibbs High School has been working on the murals as part of his senior project at the Pinellas County Center for the Arts program. “A building owner and a business letting a 17-year-old high school kid tackle such a large project on their wall was really eye-opening, and showed me how supportive everybody in St. Pete is,” Wagher said.

All of Wagher’s murals have a look that is easy to identify with a woman in gray-scale and pink accents as flashes of color in the dark imagery. He described the works to ARTiculate Suncoast. “I wanted to touch on feminist qualities throughout my portfolio and concentration. Typically throughout history, women’s opinions were pushed to the side, like that whole attitude of this being a man’s world,” Wagher told the local arts blog. “So I tried to do a juxtaposition playing off that, putting a big woman’s face up there, right in your face so you couldn’t miss it when you drove or walked by.”

A new Corner Canvas Wrapped Traffic Box by Justin Wagher at 1st Ave S and 5th St in Williams Park. This project started during 2017 Shine St Pete Mural Festival. Thanks to Chad Mize for curating and Bank of the Ozarks for sponsoring! #trafficbox #cornercanvas

4139 7th Terrace South
St. Petersburg, FL

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