Jose Mertz

by / Wednesday, 15 November 2017 / Published in Artists, Murals

Miami artist, Jose Mertz, is known for his experimental imagery. He pulls inspirations from philosophy, ancient civilizations, supernatural themes and sprinkles in a little science fiction for good measure. Mertz artistic
endeavors span from traditional painting and drawing to digital art and product design, even stickers and tshirts.

While growing up, Mertz and his sister loved watching Jim Henson shows, and they regularly got lost in Henson’s immersive worlds and engaging characters. “We kinda made this alternate world,” says Mertz, “As time went on, I started reading about history and mythological creatures. I find excitement in things that don’t really exist.”

The mystical elements in his work have always come from a natural affinity for the subject. “I was really into the philosophical side of that, too, so my style just evolved,” he says. “I’ve always been into the mystic side of things since I was a little boy, you know?”

“I mean, I can’t not be influenced by it. I mean, it’s years of beating in certain kinds of core things. There’s a million ways to dice it up. Art has no limits. There’s no boundaries. There’s no perfect way, but the way I was trained, it was important to know how to draw before painting. Painting comes secondary because then that becomes form, you know? Those core ideas I apply to my work — but you can see the graffiti in my color palette.”, says Mertz.

Hideaway Cafe
1756 Central Ave
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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