Stephen Palladino

by / Thursday, 16 November 2017 / Published in Artists, Murals

Stephen Palladino has been building his art style since he was a kid living in New York through his love of graffiti and cartoons. He creates visual mashups of popular imagery combined with his signiture gritty, dark, slick
characters creating a vivid storyline for the eyes. Palladino is currently based in Los Angeles and has been commissioned by Reebok, Absolut Vodka and Lady Gaga.

Stephen’s father passed away leaving him truckloads of antiques he collected during his life. He says, “I want to finish what my Dad started and continue his legacy, or tradition, or whatever it is. It’s hard to say there is good in a parent passing, but the good he left me was this crazy drive to live and do what I love in a way that would make my Pops proud.” Palladino dreams of one day having an art studio in New York with brick walls, “But I have two semi trucks of stuff that I am trying to hold on to. I have a lot of baggage,” he says.

Check out his Instagram page to follow Palladino’s latest dry erase doodles while traveling, mostly on airplane windows during flights. “It’s funny how many looks I get until they see what I drew and then they wanna take a pic too. Flight attendants included. Just a matter of time before they drag me off the flight…”

Benson Worley
276 Dr MLK Jr St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

For news on Stephen Palladino
Instagram: @goodandshiddy

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