Angela Faustina

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Angela Faustina is an Atlanta based artist, and she is brilliant at capturing the macro details of juicy ripe fruit in her still life paintings. She describes her work as, “My artwork takes close-ups to the extreme. The vibrant imagery is easily identified as organic but from there the imagination can take over. I constantly change the physical scale of my paintings and species of fruit to heighten the sense of mystery. I want to blur the boundaries between abstraction and representation, the microcosmic and macrocosmic, attraction and repulsion, and whimsy and the scientific.”

Angela Faustina reflects the beauty of life in her boldly colored work. She has a great way of making our everyday food look vibrant and beautiful. Her work has been collected and shown in galleries around the world. Angela Faustina paints with surprise, intimacy, and enigmatic imagery.

She says, “The interconnectedness of organic life is another theme I explore while painting. Interiors of fruit echo the forms and textures of human viscera; cropped citrus pulp and gooey pomegranate and fig seeds can resemble intestinal tract, blood cells, and neurons to the unfamiliar. The bright, often tropical hues of my paintings and the variety of fruit that I paint evokes my personal childhood in South Florida, a multicultural mecca for the beautiful,
vibrant, and weird. The audience’s unfamiliarity with the fruit imagery can elicit contemporary issues
about American food culture and the prevalence of processed food.”

1133 Baum Ave N
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

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