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DAAS is a Japan based Florida artist who uses angles and lines like origami folds. There is a distinct geometric style to his art, rich with shapes and colors that provide great eye candy. He began painting in his youth, and attained a degree in graphic design and commercial art. Now, DAAS is known world wide for his bold colorful geometric designs.

DAAS is masterful at blending abstract techniques with cubism, creating compelling imagery of abstract human and animal figures. He started painting large scale murals in 2011, and his art can be seen on walls in Jordan, Nepal, Japan, Sicily, China, and the US. DAAS has been featured in articles at The New York Times, BBC, The Jordan Times, Winston-Salem Journal, NotCot, Spoon & Tamago and Street Art News.

Easily recognizable for his combination of abstract and cubist elements in his portraiture, he also utilizes color arrays to convey emotion in each piece. He frequently paints a positive spin on spiritual narratives. The bold color scheme is eye catching no matter how fast you drive past one of the walls with a DAAS painting. We can’t wait to see where his next mural shows up!

125 19th St S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

DAAS & Cecilia Lueza

DAAS & Cecilia Lueza Collab

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