Gibbs Rousavall

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Gibbs Rounsavall is an abstract geometric artist, best known for his series of paintings called, Burst. At first look, you may think Rounsavall’s paintings are computer generated. The symmetrical precision is incredible. You have to get really close to see the tiny imperfections that show it is actually a hand painted work. He loves playing with movement through color and patterns.

Rounsavall pulls from a deep reservoir of influences from his youth as inspiration for his art. He was drawn to the patterns and colors of traditional Folk Art, bold and colorful Pop art, and color field painters. He inspires curiosity and inquiry in those viewing his work. The precision of his geometric designs create movement and seem to bend space.

Rounsavall earned his BFA from Washington University in Illustration, and his MAT from University of Louisville. His work can be found in private collections and public walls all over the world. He lives in Louisville, KY, with his wife and kids, and travels to places like St. Pete to paint mesmerizing geometric imagery.

1957 1st Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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