Nomad Clan

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Nomad Clan is an internationally known duo of street artists, AYLO (Hayley Garner) and Cbloxx (Joy Gilleard), from Manchester, United Kingdom. Nomad Clan’s work frequently shine a light on socio economic topics or captures a moment of local history. Their culturally dense and playfully dark murals are all around Europe. The UK sports the largest of their beautiful murals, “Athena Rising”.

Nomad Clan has a distinct style of collaboration that focuses on blending gorgeous imagery while highlighting times of celebration and joy, or times of failure and sadness that we have experienced in our communities. A few of the topics Nomad Clan has explored include inner city struggles, the job economy, and closure or changes in industries such as in the mill and fishing industries.

Named “One of the street art’s finest female duos” by Widewalls magazine, “Street arts hottest UK talent” by Global Street Art blog, as well as making the list of the top 5 female street artists in the world by The Guardian News Paper, makes this duo one to follow. St Petersburg is happy to have Nomad Clan signed walls in our little city.

2025 3rd Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL 33712

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A video of “Athena Rising” in progress.
Nomad Clan in action at Sweden’s Artscape 2017 .

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