Melanie Posner

by / Wednesday, 10 October 2018 / Published in Artists

Melanie Posner is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of Tampa. Her portraits are all over the Tampa Bay area in local businesses and galleries. She explains that her most recent body of work “is inspired by the spectrum of the rainbow, as certain colors embody certain emotions”. You can feel that when you see a Posner signed wall or canvas.

Posner paints photo-realistic women blended with radiant rainbows of color. Her mixed media work is riveting and her use of vibrant shades are striking visually. The colorful complex emotion emanating from Posner’s work puts the viewer in happy place. Her work brings out passion and reaches the viewer at a deep level making them want to linger over her images.

“She paints wonderful women with beautiful blends of the rainbow. The paintings are immersive because they indulge us in an overwhelming field of color. It feels like we’re looking through a rainbow to see the woman on the other side. It’s a dreamy vibe that brings a unique ambiance to the portrait.” -Emma Simms, Mieux Magazine

4139 7th Terrace South
St. Petersburg, FL 33711

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