Blaine Fontana

by / Thursday, 31 October 2019 / Published in Artists

Blaine Fontana is an artist and designer based in Portland, Oregon.

He began his interest in art at a young age, and continued studying photography, graphic design, sculpture and life drawing during his teen years. His love of art was so strong that he by commuted between to two High Schools to take the art classes he wanted, and graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in Communication Art/Design.

After working as an Graphic Designer and Art Director, Fontana became a self-employed fine artist and designer. His work has a shamanic, mythical and folkloric tone rich with symbolism and social dynamics. Fontana says, “This new work has and will continue to have versatility to it, I would be a shame that I stick to only several visual styles. I’ll always sketch characters and will occasionally pop up commercially, but I’ve just developed so much more the last several years and my interests are very different now. If anything, abstraction. But, it will be represented as more intellectual graphic design and composition, rich with reason and story.”

756 28th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL

Blaine Fontana and Plastic Birdie

Blaine Fontana and Plastic Birdie Mural Collaboration for SHINE 2019.

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