Jeremy Nichols AKA Plastic Birdie

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Jeremy Nichols was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982, and grew up in Columbus, Ohio. Soon after graduating from Ohio State University with his BFA, he moved to Portland, Oregon where he currently lives and goes by the name Plastic Birdie.

He creates energetic fantastical environments in his work transforming organic and familiar textures into something new and unfamiliar. He says, “I generally start right on the paper with a rough gestural sketch that tries to capture the flow, energy and gravity of the piece. From there I just focus on one little section, dig in, and let it grow.”

Nichols admits, “I’m a quiet dude. I like to get lost in nature, stare at things, pretend that I know how to fish, and most recently I have become very fond of snorkeling (although Oregon does not do so well catering to that pursuit).” Traveling between Tokyo and New York for most of his youth created internal displacement which fuels his propensity for the otherworldly feel of his work. He wants viewers to look closer at the everyday to find beauty beyond. Nichols says, “I am working on a larger body of work, where each piece is its own exploration. In these works, I try to explore the beauty, energy, balance, and harmony of the chaos in our environment. More specifically, they are about the relation of human existence versus nature.”

756 28th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL

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