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Chris Parks is the fine artist and digital illustrator known as Palehorse.

He grew up on skateboarding, tattoos and punk music, and formally trained at the Ringling College of Art & Design in Graphic & Interactive Communication. After four years of working at a design agency by day and freelancing at night, he opened his own gallery space and studio in 2006. He creates richly detailed work, and is inspired by sacred art, mythology, spirituality and ancient scriptures. He aims to grab the viewers attention and captivate them with what may be beyond the physical world.

In addition to Palehorse’s multi-media gallery work, murals, screen-prints, skateboards and apparel designs, the bold, colorful and intricate illustrations of Palehorse have been commissioned by companies such as: National Geographic, FX, Under Armour, Nike, Mini Cooper, DC Shoes, WWE, Hasbro, Penguin Books, Modelo, Brisk, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Sonos, Variety Magazine, Wired Magazine and many others.

He states, “Truly, some of the most talented visual artists on planet earth have become dedicated nomads, traveling from location to location across the world, donating their time and creative abilities to leave each place they visit a little more colorful and vibrant than when they arrived. I see these murals as cracks of light in the darkness and sparks of energy that spread through cities, connecting neighborhoods and cultivating positive interactions between people of all walks of life.” Palehorse is also co-curator of the SHINE Mural Festival, and has had a studio in downtown St. Pete since 2006.

500 24th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL


Tes One and Palehorse Collab

Tes One and Palehorse Collab – 687 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL



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