Princess Smith

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Princess Smith is a Fine Artist from Los Angeles. She uses her experiences of growing up in one of the toughest neighborhoods in LA as inspiration in her work to shine a light on social issues and women’s rights.

Her childhood was colored with abuse, neglect, violence, and poverty in her home environment, which she shows clearly in her beautiful portrait work. She currently lives in Tampa, Fl, and will be attending University of South Florida for her Masters in Fine Arts degree. Princess earned her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Tampa, while working full-time and raising her daughter.

Princess explains, “My paintings are heavily influenced by my formative years. I came of age in a rough Los Angeles neighborhood where violence and abuse were a part of the scenery. My work often tells a story about a social issue in which I or my family and friends have had first-hand experience. In an attempt to communicate societal issues, I expose uncomfortable social hindrances such as abuse, violence, sexuality, and stolen innocence in children.”

Princess focuses on her subject’s face and eyes in her portrait work to create a compelling and dramatic story in each piece. She allows the eyes to show a wide emotional spectrum, from depths of despair and anger to pure joy and innocence. She says, “Viewing my work can be a disturbing and compelling psychological experience. It is my intention to broaden and build social awareness in the general public. While the provocative nature of my paintings may invoke discomfort; I anticipate that this discomfort will inspire hope, awareness and change.” Her published works include private portrait commissions, multiple community service projects and a collaborative mural sponsored and organized by Wall-mart Corporation.

593 22nd Street South
St. Petersburg, FL

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