Paola Delfin

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Paola Delfin is a visual artist from Ciudad de México (Mexico City). Her art is composed of organic forms and various materials that visually explore femininity and beauty.

She breathes life into her art with contrasts of fragility, beauty and strength with a modern day aesthetic that illustrates her message. “As an artist that’s still learning how to thrive and be successful in the competitive world of art, I’d say to follow your passion and take the time to do what you love most…Dream big, as difficult as it may be. You’ll learn quite a lot about yourself in those difficult moments and with hard work, you become more disciplined.”, says Paola.

She began doing murals as a way to move past the small canvas, and into neighborhoods that needed to hear her message. Her goal is to create art that is available to everyone. Paola says, “I think the term is just a matter of evolution, and the pass of time. But, I’d like to consider myself a muralist. I chose the streets because it gives me the chance to share my work with all different kinds of people, to enrich it with different opinions. It also gives me the chance to get to know different places, cultures, and their neighborhoods. How people live their everyday lives I find to be very enriching and interesting.”

Movement is a huge theme in the murals that Paola has created, she uses fluid line work to show strength through the delicacy of the feminine figure. Paola says, “I’ve learned meaningful lessons and felt a sense of fulfillment with each project I’ve ever been a part of. Honestly, there isn’t one that I’ve completed where I didn’t learn something new… It’s a huge part of the reason as to why I love my job so much, even if some were more difficult or challenging.”

1975 3rd Ave S
St. Petersburg, FL

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