Matthew Hoffman

by / Tuesday, 10 December 2019 / Published in Artists

Matthew Hoffman is a Chicago based artist & designer, and his work is exhibited internationally.

His large scale public installations can be seen in the City of Chicago, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, Albright Knox Gallery, as well as companies like Apple, Facebook, Zappos, & Cards Against Humanity. He works out of his studio “Hey It’s Matthew”, and is the custodian of You Are Beautiful, sharing uplifting thoughts and messages with the world.

He says, “When I get that burst of inspiration, I make it. Right then and there. It might be the most awful looking thing ever, but it’s a process to the final thing. No plan I’ve ever had has worked out precisely in the end. So I want to stay nimble, constantly tweaking and reworking as I go. I’ve gotten pretty good at making thousands of instantaneous decisions, as I move full force ahead.”

There are almost 30 outdoor installations currently up in the Chicagoland area of Hoffman’s work. His art has been published in the New York Times Magazine, Good, Ready Made, and a few books by Droog, Tashen, and Gestalten. Oprah Network also featured his work in one of their segments.

Hoffman is always hard at work, and loves staying busy. He says, “What do I need to get better at? Finding those 5 days a year, and really unplugging. I’m fascinated to know how others can stop thinking about everything they have to do. I’d like to get to a place where I’m not pushing myself and everyone around me so hard, every moment of the day. But then again, outside of getting those 5 days – I love where I’m at, and wouldn’t change a thing.”




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