Sarah Sheppard

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Artist, Sarah Sheppard, is from Dallas, TX, and lived in St Petersburg for 12 years. She completed 8 murals in St Pete, and regularly participates in group art exhibitions.

She says, “My personal artworks are inspired by my life events and the beauty of the natural world surrounding me. I also source from varied historical motifs and historical symbolism, sometimes mixing in modern touches either through color or application. My goal is to convey a sense of beauty, romanticism, and mysticism.”

Her artwork is based on colorful, high contrast figurative themes. Sheppard entices viewers to make their own personal associations with the imagery in her work. Her work is classified as part of the new romantic movement. She considers movement as a metaphor for the man who experiences continuous loss, however he is continually seeking more.

Sheppard says, “Each mural and wall has its own unique challenges. There is also the weather to consider, rain and wet paint are not a good combination sometimes! There is never a dull moment when painting outside. I have to say that one of the best parts of painting a mural outside is the people you meet and the conversations that take place with the community. To see children smile when they look at your painting and to hear from adults that your mural is the best part of their commute to work makes my heart smile!”


Sarah Sheppard

2823 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL

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