Brain Storm

by / Sunday, 28 February 2021 / Published in Artists

Brain Storm, aka Chris Roberts, is a multimedia artist from St Pete. He is an accomplished artist in many mediums including cinematography, painting, designing. In addition, he is a tattoo artist who owns Urban Ink Tattoo company. Opening Urban Ink Tattoo Company is a dream come true for Brain Storm. His high quality work speaks for itself. In other words, he is an expert at bringing his client’s dream body art to life. His style is full of vibrant colors, and beautiful line work.

His 2020 Shine mural highlights inclusion and diversity in STEAM professions, NOAA, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association is sponsoring the project. In addition, he partners with the St Pete Youth Farm to give back to the community and help create a space for young people to grow food and as leaders and entrepreneurs. In conclusion, he is not only a brilliant artist, but is also always looking for ways to give back to his community. Brain Storm’s SHINE mural is embedded with information via the Pixelstix app, accessible through smart devices.

600 5th Street South
Johns Hopkins
All Children’s Hospital
St Petersburg, Fl

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