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IBOMS is a St. Petersburg artist, aka Jabari Reed-Diop. He honed his artistic skills at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, located in Jacksonville, FL. He is known for bringing viewers into his world using thought-provoking symbols and characters. Using a variety of mediums IBOMS shows what it is actually like to live life as an African American male. He is adept at creating lively characters that have a rich story background.

He says, “I do this by painting and creating lively characters that at glance you may not think there was story behind it. But like in life everything wants to appear blissful, but unbeknownst to everyone else a dark river runs beneath the surface.”

Algae blooms is the topic for his SHINE mural. Even though this is a topic IBOMS is familiar with, he wanted to know exactly which sea creatures are impacted by the blooms. After consulting with Pangeaseed, he decided to include stingrays, sheepshead and puffer fish in his mural to communicate the consequences. IBOMs is not an activist, but he says “…the nature of how I create always ends up promoting wellness for humans.” IBOMS’s SHINE mural is embedded with information via the Pixelstix app, accessible through smart devices.

2324 Central Ave
St Petersburg, Fl

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